We are invited to LSR for a mini competition. We are happy to accept this invitation. We have created a competition of 5 evenings. Once every two weeks, a 25% race is held twice on Monday evening. These are 10 races in total. The points are kept on the leaderboard. Only drivers from South Africa drive in LSR. We want to try to only let Dutch riders participate in WTZ. As a result, there is an extra competition between countries.

The schedule is as follows. 

May 10
Japan & China
Asian track setting

24 May
Netherlands & Belgium
Europe/dutch track setting

June 7
Bahrain & Abu Dhabi
Middle East track setting

June 21
USA & Brazil
North and South America track setting

July 5
Singapore & Monaco
Street circuit track setting

All sessions start as normal at approx 19:15 UK. Lobby is open at 19:00 UK. In advance of the race there is a one-shot qualify.

We hope you can find time to participate. Thanks in advance for your interest.