There will be no next season for division 2 under the care of WTZ.

Division 2 was initially set up for a group of friends. After this, drivers from outside also followed. After this, there were many discussions and incidents, especially at the end of the season. In order to handle these discussions and incidents properly and objectively, it is important that the actions of each driver are treated identically. We have found that this is impossible with a division that is combined from a group of friends and other drivers.

We've offered Rico, the division's host, to continue in a new season with Division 2 but with the rules of the league. This is to build up the quality of the division. He then asked the group of friends, in consultation with the league, whether they would like to continue competing in division 2 in the new way. He has also asked, on behalf of the league, that if they are negative about this, they want to start a new division at WTZ as it was initially intended for the group of friends. The group of friends decided to quit at WTZ and to start their own league.

This means that division 2 at WTZ will cease to exist in this form. All drivers of this division are free to move with the group of friends. If the drivers have not been contacted, please contact them to request to participate in their new league. If participation in the new league is not possible, you can contact WTZ for a possible place in division 1 or in a new division.

We wish the group of friends the best of luck with setting up the new league and thank them for the past season. We also want thank all other drivers to participate in the races.

The final Abu Dhabi race on Monday will continue as usual.

If there are any questions, we would like to hear from you.