WTZ F1 ONLINE is a racing league for F1 games on Xbox.

This league has been set up with the intention to realize a challenging competition for each member, both individually and in teamwork, within the F1 games of Codemasters on Xbox.

There are several divisions on several days. Each division has his own characteristics and has is own host. This way they league is accessible for all type of drivers. Beginners, experts, slow or quick. All hosts together form the team of WTZ F1 ONLINE and are each other's advisors to keep optimizing the league. Please take a look on the calendars and feel free to read the guide. If you would like to be part of the league please sign up the become a member. Do you want to create a own division under the wing of WTZ F1 ONLINE? Also possible!

Please send us a message for any questions or sign up instantly.