First of all, thank you again for last season. Congrats to Timo for the title. Last race in China was more of a "extra" race with not many drivers and clips. So no reports on that. With that said, on to the next one!

This first race of the new season is in Bahrain. A season with a new structure. It's always good to try something different to keep it exciting and fun. Two 25% races in one evening with a Short and One Shot Qualy. There will be some 50% races further on in the season. This way we have a bit of both. Also it's needed to complete the season for the new game release (if we want to race all the tracks in the game).

After the race some could see some time differences compared to other races. Lexidas, GEiT Samuel, DHR Graat and WTZFLEX turned off their racing line. They now race with no assists. They will need some time to back their speed. Never the less, it was very fun and they decided to continue to do so. Are you also ready for that next step?

Congrats Stef with your win there. Great battle with Viscouscloud. Well deserved! Also Huub, great job with that pole and podium spot! Big points for Mercedes!

We put the report in a new jacket. Click on the button and check the report. 

We also want to mention that LSR Berry and Thombex can not continue in our league at this moment. They will join another season again. We are trying to gather new players. GurbeGaming joined the show (again) and we welcome him with both hands. Speedy and clean driver.  

Hope you all have fun in this new season!